Future Articles

This page is dedicated to some of the articles that I am planning on writing, but haven't yet. This list is neither exhaustive, nor set in stone:


What are principles? Why follow them?

Bridging the "Is/Ought Gap": Objectivist Meta-Ethics.

The Objectivist Ethics and Evolutionary Theory.

Is a Compromise Between Reason and Emotion as Guides to Action Legitimate?

Man is an Integration of Mind and Body: Rational Values are Both Physical and Psychological.

Concept Formation.

Is the Meaning of Concepts Different for People With Different Levels of Knowledge?

Definitions are Contextual.

The Meaning of the Concept of "Altruism."

Does Common Language Make Thinking Collective?

Degrees of Certainty in Knowledge.
What are Rights and Why is it in One’s Self-Interest to Respect Them in Others?
The Essential Nature of Government as a Wielder of Force.
How Would Utilities and Other "Public Services" Work in a Laissez-Faire Capitalist System?

Laissez-Faire Capitalism and "Negative Externalities."
Have Psychological / Sociological Experiments Proven Objectivism Wrong on Human Nature?
"A Priori vs. a Posteriori" and "Analytic vs. Synthetic" Knowledge.


If anyone wants to offer suggestions, feel free to comment here.

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